TTLA CLE: Car Wrecks Seminar

Seminar Materials for Registrants

Thank you for registering for TTLA's Car Wrecks seminar. Below are the seminar materials for your review/reference. TTLA is pleased to make these materials available to you prior to the seminar for your convenience. At the seminar, for a nominal fee you can also receive these materials on a USB flash drive that can be used with PC or Macintosh computers. The flash drive allows you to store and access the materials easily for future reference.

A. Paid vs. Incurred, by Kirk Pittard and Andy Payne

Kirk Pittard Bio
Andy Payne Bio
Paid vs. Incurred
Paid vs. Incurred (PowerPoint)
How Are Judges Around the State Ruling?
Judge Mayes - Montgomery County (410th)
Judge Lindsay - Harris County (280th)
Judge Fallen's Order - Grayson County (15th JDC)
Harris County (270th)
Smith County (CC#2)
Judge Evans - Dallas County (193rd)
Travis County (200th)
Judge Davis - Tarrant County (17th)
House Research Organization (Bill Analysis)
Farabee Affadavit
Dean Huffman Letter
Senate Research Center Bill Analysis

B. UM/UIM Issues, by Tom Crosley

Tom Crosley Bio
UM/UIM Issues (No paper submitted.)

C. Prepping Clients for Impeachment, by Fred Nix

Fred Nix Bio
Prepping Clients for Impeachment

D. Tricks & Themes Defense Lawyers Use in Car Wreck Cases, by Charlie Hoedebeck

Charlie Hoedebeck Bio
Tricks & Themes (No paper submitted.)

E. An Introduction to Car Wreck Litigation, by Ben Langford

Ben Langford Bio (No bio submitted.)
Introduction to Car Wreck Litigation

F. Medicare as a Secondary Payer, by Sally Stalcup

Sally Stalcup Bio (No bio submitted.)
Medicare as a Secondary Payer (PowerPoint)
Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor (MSPRC)
HIPAA Privacy Release

G. Case Law Update, by Shalimar Wallis

Shalimar Wallis Bio
Case Law Update

H. Electronic Stability Control - Is This a Viable Negligence Theory?, bu Mike Cowen

Mike Cowen Bio
ESC - Is This a Viable Negligence Theory?
ESC-Equipped Vehicles

I. Trucking Litigation Developments, by Todd Clement

Todd Clement Bio
Trucking Litigation Developments

J. Overcoming Trial Landmines, by Laura Tamez

Laura Tamez Bio
Table of Contents
Overcoming Trial Landmines

K. When Trial Is Inevitable - Load Up For Bear, by Channy Wood

Channy Wood Bio
Load Up For Bear (No paper submitted.)

L. Demonstrative Trial Exhibits On a Budget, by Jim Scherr

Jim Scherr Bio (No bio submitted.)
Demonstrative Trial Exhibits On a Budget (No paper submitted.)

M. Motivating Conservative Juries to Award Big Bucks, by Alex Klein

Alex Klein Bio
Motivating Conservative Juries to Award Big Bucks

N. Liens, Subrogation, Medicare, Medicaid, by Judy Kostura

Judy Kostura Bio
Table of Contents
Liens, Subrogation, Medicare, Medicaid

O. How Negligence and Tire Maintenance Go Hand in Hand, by Roger Braugh

Roger Braugh Bio
Tire Failures and Defects
Appendix 1
Appendix 2 (This is a large file and may take a few moments to download.)
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Appendix 6

P. How Safe is Your Roof?, by Todd Tracy

Todd Tracy Bio
How Safe is Your Roof? (This is a large file and may take a few moments to download.)

Q. Refuting CDR/SDM Downloads in Negligence Cases, by John Gsanger

John Gsanger Bio
Refuting CDR/SDM Downloads in Negligence Cases