TTLA CLE: Maximizing Your Case Recovery

Seminar Materials for Registrants

Thank you for registering for TTLA's cle program, Maximizing Your Case Recovery! Below are the seminar materials for your review/reference. TTLA is pleased to make these materials available to you prior to the seminar for your convenience. The materials will also be available on a Flash drive at the seminar, if you choose to purchase them. The Flash drive allows you to store and access the materials easily for future reference.

The following papers will be presented at the seminar:

A. Protecting Your Jury Charge from Appellate Review, By Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly Bio
Preserving Charge Error
Urista Filed

B. Cross Examining the Defense Expert, By Tommy Gilstrap

T.O. Gilstrap Bio
Clark Cross Examining the Defense Expert

C. Redirecting the Witness - Do's and Don'ts, By James Payne

James Payne Bio
Redirecting a Witness

D. Proving Up and Protecting Medical Expense Recoveries, By John Cummings

John Cummings Bio
Proving Up and Prectecting Medical Expenses Recoveries

E. Women's Initiative - thriving Today Series #2 - How to Make it a Win-Win for Firm and Family, By Laura Tamez

Laura Tamez Bio
How to WinWin
Pre Trial Checklist

F. Preparing for Productive Mediation, By Rick Plezia

Rick Plezia Bio
Mediation - Effictive Negotiation or Just A Game?

G. Real World Tips on Dealing with Clients, By Paul Waldner

Paul Waldner Bio
Real World Tips

H. Ethical Consideration When Faced with Liens and Subrogation Claims, By Judy Kostura

Judy Kostura Bio
Table of Contents
Subrogation Paper

I. Expert Reports Under Section 74.351, By Jim Perdue, Jr.

Jim Perdue, Jr. Bio
Expert Reports Under Section 75.351

J. TTLA Leadership Update, By Marc R. Stanley, Jay Harvey, Tommy Townsend

Marc R. Stanley Bio
Jay Harvey Bio
Tommy Townsend Bio

K. What Attorneys Do That Drives Judges Crazy, By Judge Caroline Baker

Judge Caroline Baker Bio

L. Identifying and Overcoming Lawyer Burnout, By Geri Disnard

Geri Disnard Bio

M. Efficient and Effective Prosecution Strategies, By Don Kidd

Don Kidd Bio
Efficient and Effective Prosecution Strategies Paper
Efficient and Effective Prosecution Strategies PowerPoint

N. Probate Law for Dummies (a.k.a.) PI Lawyers, By Keith Morris

Keith Morris Bio
Proof of Death and Other Facts
App. to Declare Heirship
Consents to 145 (e) Application and Waiver of Notice
Dependt. App. to Apt Admin
Inventory & Appraisal
Judgment Declaring Heirship & Appting Indy Admin Under 145e
Mtn to Appoint Ad Litem
Notice to Creditors
Oath of Administrator

O. Briefing Both Sides of an Expert Challenge, By Tom Crosley

Tom Crosley Bio
Appendix of Motions and Briefs
Briefing Both Sides of an Expert Challenge

P. Motions to Compel - When and How to Use Them, By Gwen Richard

Gwen Richard Bio
Compel Motion Paper
Motion To Compel Form
In Re CSX Corp
K Mart v. Sanderson

Q. Effective Written Discovery, By Paul Gold

Paul Gold Bio
Effective Written Discovery (Please note: this paper does not appear on the USB flash drive)

R. Effective Deposition Tools - Out of the Clouds, In the Trenches, By Andy Payne

Andy Payne Bio
Effective Deposition Tools

S. Lawyer Joint Ventures - How To and How Not To, By Bill Curtis

Bill Curtis Bio
Lawyer Joint Ventures - How To and How Not To

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