TTLA CLE: Commercial Litigation

Seminar Materials for Registrants

Thank you for registering for TTLA's Commercial Litigation CLE program! Below are the seminar materials for your review/reference. TTLA is pleased to make these materials available to you prior to the seminar for your convenience. The materials will also be available on a Flash drive at the seminar, if you choose to purchase them. The Flash drive allows you to store and access the materials easily for future reference. Remember to bring your laptop to the seminar...we will have plenty of outlets!

The following papers will be presented at the seminar:

A. Business Torts Update, By Dan Bishop

Dan Bishop Bio
Business Torts Update

B. Trade Secrets, Non Disclosure Agreements and Covenants Not to Compete, by Terry Oxford

Covenants Not to Compete (PowerPoint file)
No bio submitted.

C. Bits and Bytes, A Practical Guide to Discovery of Electronically Stored Information, by Lana Varney

Bits and Bytes  (This is a very large file and may take a few minutes to download.)
No bio submitted.

D. Legal Malpractice Update, by Steve McConnico

Steve McConnico Bio
Legal Malpractice Update

E. Jury Trials in Commercial Litigation Cases - Jury Selection, Witness Preparation, Jury Persuasion, panel discussion
Moderator: Dan Bishop
Panel: Tony Canales, Doug Keane, Fred Hagans, Steve McConnico, Richard Mithoff

Dan Bishop Bio
Doug Keane Bio
Fred Hagans Bio
Steve McConnico Bio
Richard Mithoff Bio
Doug Keane Paper - Attitudes Towards Business Litigants and What Juries Think of Your Case

F. Jury Trial or Arbitration Panel - What is a Trial Lawyer to Do?, by United States District Judge
Royal W. Furgeson, Jr.

Judge Furgeson Bio
No paper submitted.

G. Trying the Commercial Arbitration Case, panel discussion with Eric Green (Moderator), Joe Kosiubes, Chris Reynolds and Mikal Watts

Eric Green Bio
Joe Kosiubes Bio
Chris Reynolds Bio
Mikal Watts Bio

H. How to Evaluate a Plaintiff's Complex Commercial Case, By Ken M. Peterson

Ken Peterson Bio
How To Evaluate a Plaintiff's Complex Commercial Case
Attachment to TTLA Outline

I. Transformers - How A PI Lawyer Can (ethically) Develop A Commercial Litigation Practice, panel discussion with Jack Baldwin, Ken Peterson and Amy Witherite

Jack Baldwin Bio
Ken Peterson Bio
Amy Witherite Bio

J. Accountants and Auditors Liability, by Rod Phelan

Rod Phelan Bio
Issues in Accounting Liability Litigation

K. Patent Infringement Litigation: Case Selection and Strategy from the Patent Holder's Perspective, by Phil Bruns

Phil Bruns Bio
Patent Infringement Litigation
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D

L. The Markman Hearing, by Karl Bayer

Karl Bayer Bio
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Claim Construction Paper

M. Packaging the Patent Case for the Jury, panel discussion with Otis Carroll, Pat Lochridge, Carl Roth, United States District Judge Sam Sparks and Tom Watkins

Carl Roth Bio
Otis Carroll Bio

N. Focusing on Fiduciaries: Litigating the Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case, by Frank Branson

Frank Branson Bio
Focusing on Fiduciaries

O. Securities Litigation: Building the Plaintiff's Case, by Kathy Patrick

No bio or paper submitted.

P. False Claims Act Litigation, by Ann Lugbill

Ann Lugbill Bio
No paper submitted.

Q. Representing the Insured in the Coverage Case, by Mark Kincaid

Mark Kincaid Bio
Cover Page
Insurance Issues for Trial Lawyers

R. Shared Liability (Single Business Enterprise, Negligent Exercise of Control, Civil Conspiracy, Alter Ego, Joint Enterprise) by Frank Guerra

Frank Guerra Bio
Shared Liability

S. Class Action, by Marc R. Stanley

Marc R. Stanley Bio
Changing the Rules

T. Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of Warranty and Unconscionability in the Commercial Case, by Denman Heard

Denman Heard Bio
Deceptive Acts or Practices