Making A Difference Award

2008 Recipient 

Linda StewartLinda Stewart

Linda Stewart’s 92-year-old grandmother Hattie Miller was admitted to a nursing home where three weeks later a staff member broke her leg during a transfer.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Millers leg did not heal and was amputated below the knee, she later died of unrelated causes.

 On behalf of Mrs. Miller's estate Linda filed suit against the nursing home and immediately learned that during admission to the nursing home the administrator forced a family member sign all admission paperwork as the responsible third party.  Buried deep within the stack of admission forms was an arbitration agreement.

 Accordingly, the case was compromised and settled for an amount far below its true value.  But the story does not end here; Linda Stewart chose to fight against mandatory binding arbitration contracts, and to fight for the right to trial by jury. On June 10, 2008 she travelled to Washington, DC to testify to a U.S. House Committee to in support of legislation that would make such agreements illegal in nursing home agreements.   Ms Stewart has an MBA and is a registered nurse who currently works with senior citizens and continues to educate families on issues affecting the elderly.