How Do I Test My Connection?

Click here to test your connection. If you can view this channel which broadcasts 24/7, you should have no problems connecting to our program.

How Do I Connect to the Seminar?

Press the PLAY button to launch the video stream. Turn up the sound on your device. You should be able to hear music playing 15 minutes prior to the start of the seminar.

What Should I Do if the Video Stream Isn't Working?

Close other browser windows to preserve bandwidth.

Please ensure your Web Browser can access the webinar. Here is a list of optional web browsers: Chrome 72–79, Firefox 65–71, Microsoft Edge, Opera 58–65, Pale Moon 28.3-28.8, Safari 13, SeaMonkey, Vivaldi 2.3-2.10, Yandex.browser.  Please check for the best access on your device. 

If you are experiencing persistent audio or video drops, relaunch the webinar by refreshing your browser or using a different browser.

Turn off your pop-up blocker.

If you are behind a firewall that is blocking the connection, please contact your IT professional to make sure your firewall will allow streaming to your computer.

If you continue to have difficulty with your connection, send us an email and we'll help troubleshoot the problem.