Amicus CommitteeTo advance the cause of those who are damaged in person and property and who must seek redress therefor at law; to resist the constant efforts that are now being made to curtail the rights of such persons; to encourage cooperation between lawyers engaged in the furtherance of such objectives; and through such cooperation to promote justice and human welfare.

- Statement of Purpose, TTLA Corporate Charter

In keeping with TTLA’s declared purpose, the core mission of the Amicus Committee is to present those arguments and policy considerations that will best assist the appellate courts in the true and impartial administration of justice, for the benefit of all the citizens of Texas.

Comprised of member volunteers and one member of TTLA’s staff, the Committee not only screens requests for amicus curiae briefs, but also actively tracks issues and cases as they rise through the judicial system.  When a case presents issues of particular significance to the membership, the Committee, with Executive Committee approval, will prepare a brief for submission to the appropriate court.  If the case involves policy concerns beyond TTLA’s purview, the Committee will coordinate with other groups with expertise germane to the issue at hand.  The Committee welcomes requests from members and non-members alike.

Beyond its core mission, the Amicus Committee is also dedicated to educating the TTLA membership about new or developing issues of substantive and procedural law.  The Committee’s hope is that, by helping the membership present the best arguments in the most persuasive manner, issues will not only be preserved for appeal but also properly adjudicated at the trial court level.  To that end, members have access to the Committee’s White Papers--brief analytical essays on specific issues--and a collection of trial briefs on various matters, contributed by the membership at large.

If you have any questions, please contact either John Gsangerchair of the Amicus Committee, or Zoe Taylor, staff liaison.