(A)      General Attorney Members

All members in good standing of the State Bar of Texas possessing an active license to practice law, who are not on probation or suspended from the practice of law and all similarly licensed out‑of‑state lawyers not licensed by the State Bar of Texas who do not regularly and consistently represent insurance companies, corporations, utility companies and/or defendants in actions filed by individuals who have been injured or damaged are eligible for membership in the Association.  Additionally, to be eligible for membership in the Association as described above, an attorney may not regularly and consistently represent health insurers, workers compensation insurers, hospitals, ERISA plans, disability plans, or other statutory or contractual lienholders or holders of contractual reimbursement/subrogation interests which seek recovery or reimbursement in personal injury cases. This exclusion does not apply to the attorneys hired by the personal injury claimant who, incident to their representation of their individual clients, must address any liens or subrogation/reimbursement interests.   Provided, however, an employee of an executive branch agency of state or federal government shall not be eligible for membership in the association.

Such individuals shall continue to be General Attorney Members in good standing upon payment of periodic dues and during continued adherence to (1) the objectives of this Association and (2) the qualifications set out for General Attorney Membership.