Black Box Economics - What the self-styled "Texans for Lawsuit Reform" don't tell you about their statistics.

Black Box Economics- Judicial Outreach Program for Local TLAs

During the summer of 2008 the self-styled "Texans for Lawsuit Reform" paid for and widely distributed (including to members of the Texas Judiciary) an economic report by economist-for-hire Ray Perryman.

The report, using questionable sources and without full disclosure of the methodology, makes exorbitant claims regarding the economic benefits of so-called "tort reform" in Texas.

Last year, TTLA President Nelson Roach pointed out flaws in Perryman’s report in legislative testimony during the interim.

The Black Box Economics Report includes a detailed memo by Nelson Roach, the memo’s cited source material and has been prepared for the Local TLAs to distribute to their local judiciary. You can download the report below.

Ideally, members of the Local TLAs should personally distribute the material and take the occasion to remind judges that the self-styled "Texans for Lawsuit Reform" is the special–interest group that lobbied during the 2007 Texas Legislature for a "complex case" provision to allow the Texas Supreme Court to replace judges if a case is deemed "complex." To view a copy of the proposal (SB 1204) click here (beginning on page 45 of the bill.)

If you encounter difficulties downloading or printing the report or if you have questions, please contact me at or at 512-476-3852.

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