Keep Our Families Safe

Keep Our Families Safe offers a series columns designed to help keep consumers informed about important issues facing Texas families. Topics range from toy and playground safety, to the state of our health care system.

Keep Our Families Safe Index
  Homeowners Not Warned of Danger in the Attic
  Asbestos: A Back-to-School Tradition We Don’t Need

Civil Justice

  Everyone Paying Their Fair Share
  Special Treatment for Corporations?
  Safeguarding Your Right to a Trial by Jury
  Jury Duty: The Responsibility of Every Citizen
  What is a Lawyer?


  Justice for Society: What Class Action Lawsuits are Really About


  ‘Do Not Call’? Here Comes ‘Do Not Mail’
  Camera-Phones and Your Privacy
  Be Careful With Coupons
  Staying Safe in the Sun
  Whatever Happened to Privacy?
  Oil Changes Pose Fire Hazard
  A Few Truths About Our Legal System and Protecting Consumers
  Health Problems and Pedicures
  Mandatory Arbitration: Taking away big rights with small print
  Sexual Harassment:  The case that changed America's workplaces
  Check Up on Your Hospital, Nursing Home
  Doctor’s Blacklist is Blackmail
  Hospital Billing Errors Can Send You to the Poorhouse
  In the Med Mal Debate, Don’t Forget Medical Errors
  More Tales of Medical Errors
  Your Checklist for Safer Medical Care
  Are your medications safe? The risks of “off-labeling”
  Who Will Help Malpractice Victims?
  The Growing Problem of Insurance Underpayment
  Studies Show Lawsuits by Injured Patients Not the Cause of Insurance Rate Hikes
  Misplaced Faith
  Generic Drugs, Specific Savings
  Cellphone Explosions
  The On-Going Danger of Mercury in Fish
  More Mercury Dangers
  Teens and SUVs: A Dangerous Mix
  Tasers: Deadly Discipline for Kids?
  Beware Pharmacy Compounding
  Power Window Dangers
  Concerns About SUV Rollover
  Out of Arms Way:  Injured teen tries to stop gun manufacturer
  Long Air flights and Blood Clots
  Fire hazards on airplanes