People Making a Difference

TTLA Making a Difference Award                                                      
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TTLA, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, presents the Making a Difference Award to recognize and honor those clients whose cases demonstrate the critical role of the civil justice system in protecting the rights of Texas families. Any client (past or present) of a current TTLA member is eligible for this award. 

These recipients demonstrate a desire to promote the public good through efforts to expose harmful products or practices. Their efforts may include, but are not limited to, actions to promote the safety of the general public, secure a safer workplace, ensure quality healthcare, or further a clean environment. They have shown perseverance and dedication to the cause of improving the lives of others. Previous recognition of such contribution is not a prerequisite of this award, and in fact, special attention should be given to those individuals whose contributions may have so far gone unnoticed.
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2013 Recipient:
                                        Dustin Strelsky