Lawmakers will return to Austin in January for the 2005 legislative session.  Texas Watch is actively advocating for real insurance and legal reforms that benefit Texas families – not the insurance companies and special interest lobbyists.

In 2003, Texas families were promised lower healthcare costs and improved access to healthcare if they would give up their rights to full compensation for med malpractice.  Unfortunately, these promises have not been kept, and Texas families are paying the price.

Subsidizing the Insurance Industry

Without a doubt, good doctors were being gouged by their insurance companies.  That trend continues post-Prop 12.  In fact, the Commissioner of Insurance said under oath before a legislative committee that 60% of Texas doctors have seen no benefit from Prop 12.  Good doctors continue to subsidize insurance company profits and bad doctors.

Texas families were asked to sacrifice their constitutional rights based on the promise of a solution to our healthcare crisis.  There are countless stories of everyday Texans who have been denied access to the courts because of Prop 12, and can no longer hold negligent doctors accountable for their actions.

We Need Your Help 

In order to effectively tell the Prop 12 story, Texas Watch needs your help as we put a face on the devastating impact these radical new laws have had on everyday Texans.  We are constantly looking for the truth, stories of individuals who have been denied justice, and attorneys from across the state are our best resource.  When, you are unable to accept a client because of Prop 12, please let us know so that we can pro-actively tell their story in the media and at the Capitol.

Texas Watch will be working diligently with the public, media, and legislators to prevent the passage of further limits on the legal rights of Texas consumers and families.  To learn more about Texas Watch’s efforts to protect Texans’ constitutional rights visit  www.TexasWatch.org.

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