Legislative Action Updates

The legislative session has a ton of moving parts, and we want to help you get involved, stay connected, and be informed.

Legislative Action Update

Your key to breaking news during each Legislative Session, this e-newsletter keeps you up-to-date on everything from committee hearings to the status of legislation that could affect your practice. View past updates here

Legislative Update Webinars

TTLA provides routine Legislative Update Webinars throughout the session. These in-depth briefings provide insights into major legislation affecting your practice, as well as the psychology and strategy of the session. These webinars are available to all TTLA members once a month. Additional briefings are available for Fellowship, Sustaining, and Board members, as well as contributors to the TTLA Legislative War Chest and PAC Eagles.

TTLA by Text

Get up to the minute updates about key bills, committee hearings, and debates. Sign up here, or text 'TTLA' and your FULL NAME to 25827. 

Legislative War Chest

The TTLA Legislative War Chest helps underwrite the legislative program costs associated with protecting your practice during the legislative session. This is different from a donation to TTLA’s Political Action Committee, in that it cannot be used for political races. Specifically, TTLA Legislative War Chest contributions fund:

  • TTLA’s top-notch outside lobby team
  • Policy research
  • Communicating our message to legislators
  • Hosting lawmakers for lunch
  • Increased communications to keep TTLA members informed
  • Any additional needs to accomplish our legislative goals.

War Chest contributors get access to in-depth conference call updates throughout session. Contribute to the 2021 Legislative War Chest.

THANK YOU to all the generous TTLA Members who have already contributed!