TTLA Vice President of Membership Services

Description of Responsibilities:

Vice President of Membership works with the TTLA Leadership, volunteers and staff in the following way:

  • Serve as Chair of the TTLA Membership Committee, providing governance and direction for the membership recruitment and retention efforts of the association.
  • Preside over monthly Membership Committee meetings. Most meetings are held via conference call.
  • Attend all major membership drives around the state. Typically, there are an average of 1-2 membership drives each month.  
  • Serve as a voting member of the TTLA Executive Committee. EC meets every month of the year except July and August. Most meetings are in Austin, with the exception of the Midyear Conference and Annual Meeting, which move around the state from year to year.
  • Serve on the TTLA Budget Committee.
  • Serve on the TTLA Membership Oversight Committee.
  • Serve on the TTLA List Server Committee.
  • To serve as the primary TTLA Executive Committee liaison to the local trial lawyers organizations, providing a steady stream of information on a monthly basis.
  • To help promote all TTLA membership services through social media and other communication methods.