Farishta vx. Tenet Healthsystems Hospitals

TTLA, through its Amicus Committee, has filed a brief in Farishta v. Tenet Healthsystems, No. 2-06-188-CV, 2007 WL 174417, pending in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. The trial court erroneously granted a partial summary judgment in favor of the defendant hospital, restrictingthe plaintiff's damages to those related to injuries expressly enumerated in the pre-suit Chapter 74 expert report. Despite a statutory prohibition against the use of the report for any purpose during the course of proceedings, the court of appeals affirmed. The plaintiff has moved for rehearing, and TTLA has urged the court to adhere to the plain language of the statute.

Many thanks to Paula Sweeney, Kirk Pittard, and Donna Aversano for their hard work in putting the brief together.

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