Jury System Resources
National Center for State Courts - Center for Jury Studies: Most Americans are more likely to experience the American jury justice system as a juror than as any other type of participant in the legal system. The Center for Jury Studies is dedicated to facilitating the ability of these citizens to fulfill their role within the justice system and enhancing their confidence and satisfaction with jury service by helping judges and court staff improve jury management.      
Opinion by John Vail: The Real Issue is Jurors Rights, special to the National Law Journal, Feb. 8, 2008.  (Posted on www.tortdeform.com)  Mr. Vail is Vice-President and Senior Litigation Counsel at the Center for Constitutional Litigation in Washington, DC.

Judges vs. Juries: The Journal of the American Judges Association (Court Review) has published an article called "Judges vs. Juries" by Professor Brian H. Bornstein.  The article analyzes three basic types of studies that seek to access the quality of jury verdicts. 

Science in the Jury Box: How Jurors Respond to Mitochondrial DNA Match Probabilities The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies published a study by David H. Kaye, Valerie P. Hans, B. Michael Dann, Erin Farley, and Stephanie Albertson .  This study is based a mock trial observed by 480 jurors.  It was designed to determine how well jurors comprehend scientific evidence and how they use it during deliberations.  Learn More.