List Server TestimonialsThe Power of the Virtual Law Firm

Actual List Server Post:

"We're in a four day pre-trial agains one of the largest law firms in the world in a very significant case. We've had a few important legal lissues come up during pre-trial.

We've posted two important questions to the List Server during this time. We've received some great answers. The judge has ruled in our favor on both, thanks largely to the contributions from the members of the List Server.

It really is a great resource to have hundreds of plaintiff lawyers available at a moment's notice to help with these sorts of things. We really do have the largest law firm in the state by virtue of this List Server. This List Server truly levels the playing field against the large international law firms and corporations we all challenge on a daily basis.

Many thanks."

Brian Beckcom, Houston
TTLA member since 2002

"A week before we were scheduled for trial, the other side surprised us with evidence we weren't expecting. I went to the TTLA List Server and posted my dilemma, requesting thoughts and suggestions from my colleagues around the state. Within moments, I received numerous ideas and strategies, and using the opposition's own materials, we were able to start talking in court about what the evidence did not show. As a result, when the evidence was seen by the jury, it looked like the defense was more interested in character assassination than the truth. The jury agreed and came back with a verdict in favor of my client. Without the power of the TTLA List Server, my client might not have received such a positive result."

Mike Doyle, Houston
TTLA member since 1991