Premiere Global Conferencing - A New TTLA Partnership That Can Save You $$!

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By creating partnerships with TTLA vendors, we have found an exciting new way to generate revenue while providing our members with valuable savings on products and services they may already buy. We are pleased to announce that our first such partnership is with Premiere Global Services, a full-service teleconferencing and communication technology company. TTLA has been using Premiere’s services for almost two years, and we have had the benefit of knowing their good service.

How Does It Work?

Premiere will pay TTLA a 5% royalty on all new business they acquire from our members. Since many of you frequently use a teleconferencing service in your legal business dealings, the potential to generate revenue for TTLA is considerable.

As a TTLA member, your support of key member service offerings is very important, and we want to make sure you experience this service first-hand. Premiere has authorized you for a two-week free trial of ReadyConference Plus, a teleconferencing service they provide at a much lower cost than traditional telephone conferences. Here’s how to get started:

  1. TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL. Try ReadyConference Plus for two weeks at no cost to your firm! If you like it, simply keep using it at 12¢ per line/minute. If not, there is no cost or further obligation. Additional Volume Discounts Are Also Available!
  2. A ReadyConference Plus card embossed with your personal dial-in number and pass code will be sent upon request. This card and the special member benefit calling rates are reserved exclusively for TTLA members.
  3. To request this card and set-up your two-week free trial, simply call Premiere’s David LaVin at 866-443-8997 or click here.
  4. If you would like to have other associates try ReadyConference Plus, or would like more information about Premiere’s operator-assisted or web conferencing services, please use the above contact number.

Premiere Global is a supporter of TTLA and ATLA and they believe in our mission in Texas. We encourage you to use Premiere’s conferencing services and give your business to a company that supports your professional association.

For more information on this affinity service, please contact Haley Howard or call (512) 476-3852.