February 2015

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12:00P CT HTLA Womens Caucus Networking Lunch
Womens Caucus Lobby Day
12:00P CT SATLA Board Meeting
2:00P CT Ethics for Litigation Financing in
5:30P CT DTLA Board of Directors Meeting
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3:00P CT Membership Department Meeting
12:00P CT CATLA CLE Luncheon
2:00P CT The Federal Torts Claims Act How
3:00P CT Membership Committee Call
6:00P CT HTLA Board Meeting
2:00P CT Expert Investigations Using
Lobby Day
10:00A CT Legislative Update
12:00P CT HTLA Membership Luncheon
2:00P CT Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in
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2:00P CT Special Considerations in Handling
Lobby Day
TTLA Executive Committee Meeting
AAJ Winter Convention
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4:00P CT Texas Caucus at AAJ 2015 Winter
AAJ Winter Convention
AAJ Winter Convention
AAJ Winter Convention
2:00P CT How To Build Up Your Damages
AAJ Winter Convention
TTLA Membership Drive Ft Worth
12:00P CT TTLA Houston Advocates Luncheon
2:00P CT TTLA Advocates Monthly Conference
2:00P CT Litigating Long Term Disability
10:00A CT Legislative Update