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The TTLA List Server is a robust networking tool that puts the research power and experience of more than 1,000 of Texas' best trial lawyers at your fingertips. List Server members can ask questions, float case strategies and gather information via e-mail from the best trial lawyers in the state. The TTLA List Server community is unique. Members from every corner of the state participate in the robust discussion that occurs every day, allowing TTLA members to draw upon the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of some of the best trial lawyers in Texas. Nicknamed 'TTLA's Virtual Law Firm,' list postings are archived and fully searchable.

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Step One: All TTLA members must sign our List Server Agreement Form before we can add you to the list. 

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Members can access the List Server via email or online at Click here to access demonstrations of the TTLA List Server's most popular features, including posting and searching messages.