2020 TTLA President Jim Mitchell

I am proud to serve as your President. When I became a trial lawyer in 1992, joining TTLA was automatic. It is the only Association that protects Texas families and our practices. 2020 is a year of great promise for TTLA, our members, and our clients. And, I am excited to work to fulfill that promise.

We will engage in the upcoming political debate and targeted elections, prepare for the next legislative session, grow our membership, and provide our members with new opportunities to learn and connect. Most importantly, we will support laws and lawmakers that support the 7th amendment.

The result of our work building relationships with key lawmakers, being strategic in our political involvement, and staying laser-focused on protecting the 7th Amendment speaks for itself. We secured crucial protections for patients and drivers in the last legislative session. And, we laid the groundwork for future sessions as we continue our work to protect Texas families.

As a result of this important work, our membership is growing and we must continue to build on our success.

If ever there was a time to get involved and engaged, it is now! Join us as we work toward our common mission of Protecting Texas Families Through Good Laws & Good Lawyers.

My door is open. So, feel free to contact me directly with your ideas for how we can make 2020 TTLA’s best year yet!

Thank you for the honor of serving as your President this year.

Jim Mitchell, President
PayneMitchell Law Group
3500 Maple Ave., Suite 1250
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-252-1888
Jim Mitchell Bio

2020 Executive Committee

Jim Mitchell
PayneMitchell Law Group
Dallas, TX    
Jim M. Perdue Jr.
Perdue & Kidd
Houston, TX 
Immed. Past President
Will Adams
The Adams Law Firm
Katy, TX 
Andrew B.  Sommerman

Sommerman, McCaffity, Quesada & Geisler, LLP
Dallas, TX
VP of Communications
Erin Rogiers
Watts Guerra LLP
San Antonio, TX
Julian C. Gomez

The Julian C. Gomez Law Firm, PLLC
McAllen, TX
VP of Finance
Kevin Camp

Camp Trial Firm, P.C.
Houston, TX
VP of Legislative Affairs
Laura Tamez

The Herrera Law Firm, Inc.
San Antonio, TX           
VP of Membership
Wade Barrow

Barrow Law PLLC
Fort Worth, TX
VP of Political Affairs
Todd Kelly
The Carlson Law Firm
Austin, TX
Elected Member
Bryan Blevins

Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P.
Beaumont, TX
Elected Member
Mikal Watts

Watts Guerra L.L.P.
San Antonio, TX
Appointed Member
Bryan Pope

The Cochran Firm - Dallas, PLLC
Dallas, TX
Appointed Member
Greta Braker

Childs Bishop & White, P.C
Odessa, TX
Appointed Member
Jack Walker
Martin Walker, P.C.
Tyler, TX
Advocates Chair
Rachael K. Jones

Sloan Firm
Austin, TX
Amicus Chair
Matt Kita
Dallas, TX
Audit Chair
Hayden Briggle

Briggle & Polan, PLLC
Austin, TX
Council of Presidents Chair
Michael Gallagher

The Gallagher Law Firm
Houston, TX
Diversity Chair
Javier Herrera

The Herrera Law Firm, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

List Server Chair
Todd Clement

Clement + Speer
Dallas, TX
PAC Chair
Zollie Steakley

Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, P.C.
Waco, TX
Strategic Planning Chair
Nelson Roach
Roach Langston Bruno L.L.P.

Daingerfield, TX
Women's Caucus Chair
Elizabeth Larrick

Larrick Law Firm PC
Austin, TX


Executive Leadership

TTLA Chief
Executive Officer
Tiffany McGee, CAE

Austin, TX
TTLA Chief Officer
of Public Affairs
James Fields, JD

Austin, TX

2020 Board of Directors

Alejandro Acosta III, El Paso
Gilbert T. Adams III, Beaumont
Jim S. Adler, Houston
William Adler, Houston
Robert E. Ammons, Houston
Seth M. Anderson, Fort Worth
Jerry D. Andrews, Dallas
Ronald Wright Armstrong, Brownsville
John B. (Jack) Baldwin, Marshall
Wade Austin Barrow, Fort Worth
Alexander M. Begum, Brownsville
Danae Nicole Benton, Dallas
William K. Berenson, Fort Worth
Robert Jay Binstock, Houston
Joshua R. Birmingham, Dallas
John Milton Black, Houston
Dean Boyd, Amarillo
Greta M. Braker, Odessa
Hayden Briggle, San Antonio
Quentin Brogdon, Dallas
Eugene (Chip) Brooker Jr., Dallas
Olga Brown, San Antonio
Larry Alan Bruner, San Antonio
Russell W. Budd, Dallas
Michael Callahan, Houston
Kevin Michael Camp, Houston
Colleen Carboy, RN, Lewisville
Craig W. Carlson, Killeen
Collen A. Clark, Dallas
Jonathan C. Clark, Austin
Todd Clement, Dallas
Erin K. Copeland, Houston
Andrew Galen Counts, Dallas
Michael R. Cowen, San Antonio
Robert Deniger Crain, Dallas
Joshua P. Davis, Houston
Mike Davis, Austin
Justin B. Demerath, Austin
David E. Dobbs, Tyler
Ben K. DuBose, Dallas
Edwin (Armi) Easterby, Houston
A. Craig Eiland, Galveston
Blake C. Erskine, Longview
Javier Espinoza, San Antonio
Stephen C. Estes, Houston
Milad Kaissar Farah, El Paso
Kenneth T. (Tommy) Fibich, Houston
Ryan Alan Foster, Austin
Jason Fitzgerald Franklin, Dallas
Mark D. Frenkel, Dallas
Domingo Alberto Garcia, Dallas
Ricardo Antonio Garcia, McAllen

Oscar Alejandro Garza, San Antonio

Harry Lee Gillam Jr., Marshall
Jim Girards, Dallas
Kevin Thomas Glasheen, Austin
Paul N. Gold, Houston
Julian C. Gomez, Edinburg
Michael Gomez, Houston
Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr., McAllen
David C. Greenstone, Dallas
Francisco Guerra IV, San Antonio
Christopher S. Hamilton, Dallas
Brian Harrison, Waco
Robert Haslam, Fort Worth
M. Raymond Hatcher, Longview
Kevin Clyde Haynes, Houston
Denman H. Heard, Houston
Aaron M. Heckaman, Houston
Charles F. Herd Jr., Houston
Jorge A. Herrera, San Antonio
Christy Lynn Hester, Mesquite
Benedict V. James, Austin
Lauren Victoria Jobin, Dallas
Rachael K. Jones, Round Rock
John S. Jose, Fort Worth
Kristina Nadine Kastl, Dallas
Todd Kelly, Austin
Christopher Garrett King, Houston
Robert Kisselburgh, Fort Worth
Matthew J. Kita, Dallas
Jeffrey Huffman Kobs, Fort Worth
Judy Kostura, Austin
Peter Andrew Kraus, Dallas
Elizabeth Larrick, Austin
Mike Love, Lufkin
Patrick Luff, San Antonio
Ted B. Lyon Jr., Mesquite
Sean M. Lyons, San Antonio
George (Jim) Mallios, Austin
Michelle Marianna Maloney, San Antonio
Desi Isaac Martinez, San Antonio
David P. Matthews, Houston
Ronald Chase McCallum, Dallas
Gavin McInnis, San Antonio
Sandra McKenzie, Victoria
Pamela Renee McLemore, Houston
William Cullen McMahon, Dallas
Doug Mena II, Houston
Sally Metcalfe, Austin
Luke Metzler, Dallas
Clay Miller, Dallas
Pat Montes, Colleyville
Henry Moore, Austin
Daniel Morales, Plano
Erin C. Murphy, Houston


Majed Nachawati II, Dallas
Raymond L. Panneton, Houston
Andrew Lee Payne, Dallas
Ralph Pelaia, Longview
Daniel J. Perkins, Greenville
R. Bruce Phillips, West Hollywood
Kirk L. Pittard, Dallas
Parker P. Polan, Austin
Bryan D. Pope, Dallas
William Kelly Puls, Fort Worth
Stan M. Putman Jr., Austin
Donato David Ramos Jr., Laredo
Todd Harlin Ramsey, Dallas
Jeffrey Rasansky, Dallas
Timothy D. Raub, Corpus Christi
Dennis Reich, Houston
Fidel Rodriguez Jr., San Antonio
Erin Joyanna Rogiers, San Antonio
George L. Salinas Jr., San Antonio
Esteban Sandoval, Austin
Ladd Charles Sanger, Dallas
Geoffrey E. Schorr, Garland
Daniel J. T. Sciano, San Antonio
Connor Gordon Sheehan, Dallas
Dawn Marie Smith, Dallas
L. Boyd Smith Jr., Houston
Melissa Richards Smith, Marshall
Andy Sommerman, Dallas
Randall O. Sorrels, Houston
Michael D. Stacy, Addison
Zollie Carlton Steakley, Waco
Skyler Stephens, Austin
Brian Steward, San Antonio
Stephen W. Stewart, Austin
Laura G. Tamez, San Antonio
Larry Taylor, Dallas
Mitchell A. Toups, Beaumont
Bill Ucherek II, Addison
Mark Underwood, McKinney
Brent Ryan Walker, Dallas
Jack Walker, Tyler
Shalimar S. Wallis, San Antonio
Robert Bailey Waltman, Bryan
Maribel Cordova Wasmiller, San Antonio
Mikal Watts, San Antonio
Robert E. White, Odessa
Marc Stanley Whitehead, Houston
Justin L. Williams, Corpus Christi
S. Burgess Williams, Austin
Coby Wooten, Fort Worth
Paula A. Wyatt, San Antonio
Matthew M. Zarghouni, Houston
John (Jack) Clayton Zinda, Austin