Photo: Casey Chapman Ross Photography

Your Voice in the Texas Capitol

The right to trial by jury in civil matters is enshrined in the 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is also guaranteed by the Texas Bill of Rights which states that the “right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate.” TTLA holds the preservation and protection of this right as a sacred trust.

Powerful forces set on undermining the rights of Texas citizens and businesses have been pushing a dangerous agenda in the Texas Legislature for decades. Throughout that time TTLA has been the consistent voice representing the interests of families, property owners, and businesses who have a fundamental right to access our courts and seek accountability.

TTLA’s team of professional advocates maintains an active presence at the State Capitol by:

  • Monitoring changes in statutes and regulations and alerting our members of any potential affects to members or their clients.
  • Communicating the importance of the civil courts to elected officials.
  • Advocating for an open and balanced civil justice system.

While our members represent their clients at the courthouse, TTLA represents them at the Capitol.