"Why I'm a TTLA Member, and Why You Should Be Too"

Steve Harrison, 2012 TTLA PresidentVIDEO:  "I have been a member of this great network of lawyers for 30 years and I can tell you that it is an essential part of my practice.  There are lots of members who feel the very same way."

"I hope you will take a few moments to watch and listen to some of your fellow lawyers tell you, in their own words, why TTLA is so important to them and why we think you ought to become a member. "

"When you’re ready to join, contact Tiffany McGee
or join online."

Steve Harrison, Waco
TTLA President 2012

"Be a part of this close family."
Zollie Steakley, Waco
Member since 2001
"TTLA has been invaluable to my law practice."
Krisi Kastl, Dallas
Member since 2002
"This is our community."
Jeff Raizner, Houston
Member since 2002
"TTLA is not them...TTLA is us."
Glenn Cunningham, San Antonio
Member since 2002
"TTLA is something I can't pay enough for."
Pat Montes, Arlington
Member since 1989
"I can't fathom practicing without TTLA."
Lin McGraw, McKinney
Member since 1995
"TTLA is a team."
Will Adams, Katy
Member since 1995