April 2014

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2:00P CT Websites and SEO for Attorneys
12:00P CT SATLA Board Meeting
TTLA Pharmaceutical and Medical
TTLA Pharmaceutical and Medical
6:00P CT TCTLA Judicial Dinner
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12:00P CT CATLA Membership Lunch
12:00P CT PAC Fundraising Phone Bank
2:00P CT Membership Committee Conference
2:00P CT Inmates Rights Litigation
5:30P CT DTLA Board of Directors Meeting
HTLA Golf Tournament
6:00P CT DTLA Judicial Dine Around
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12:00P CT PBTLA Membership Luncheon
12:00P CT SPTLA Membership Luncheon
2:00P CT Nursing Home Litigation How to
4:30P CT HTLA Membership Happy Hour
6:00P CT PBTLA Happy Hour
12:00P CT SATLA Membership Lunch
3:30P CT EPCTLA/TADC Free CLE & Happy Hour
5:00P CT SATLA Spring Fling
5:30P CT CATLA Happy Hour
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2:00P CT The Ethics of Lawsuit Lending
5:30P CT South Texas Happy Hour
South Texas Membership Drive
10:00A CT TTLA Advocates Conference Call
12:00P CT TTLA Advocates Luncheon Houston
12:00P CT DTLA Membership Luncheon
2:00P CT Medicare Secondary Payer Act
Womens Caucus Meeting
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12:00P CT TCTLA Membership Lunch
2:00P CT Trial by Human Building and