IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Be advised that changes to the forum non conveniens laws in Texas will change upon the signing of HB1692 by the Governor. These changes will go into effect as soon as the Governor signs the bill. Since HB1692 only amends TCPR code CHAPTER 71 - WRONGFUL DEATH; SURVIVAL; INJURIES OCCURRING OUT OF STATE - we believe this change in the law only affects forum non conveniens determinations in personal injury cases. However, you should review the Bill and the amended section for application to your unfiled cases.  To check on the status of HB1692 click here.

Good Laws, Good Lawyers. “There’s been a lot of talk about the Texas Trial Lawyers Association’s mission lately, with several iterations of lengthy wording and lofty statements.  Syntax, length and style aside, we believe TTLA’s mission is best stated as Good Laws and Good Lawyers:  standing up for Good Laws in the legislative and public arena and working together to continue being the Good Lawyers our clients deserve.”   Mike Guajardo, TTLA Immediate Past President.


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