Legislative Volunteers

Legislative Academy

The Legislative Academy is a program presented by the TTLA Public Affairs staff as an introduction and initiation for TTLA members who want to volunteer and support TTLA’s legislative efforts. The program consists of TTLA leadership-led discussions of the legislative process, a review of legislative concepts and procedures, instruction in reading and analysis of bills, and identification of the best ways to help the TTLA legislative team during the session. TTLA members who attend receive briefings on crucial issues, relating both to the civil justice system as well as other significant problems expected to be on legislators’ agenda in the upcoming session. The Academy takes place after the general election and prior to the beginning of the next legislative session.

5 Day Chairs

5 Day Chairs are TTLA members who volunteer to come to Austin for an entire week during the legislative session. These volunteers participate in strategy sessions, read, analyze and write summaries of bills. 5 Day Chairs are often asked to meet with legislators and their staffs on specific issues or bills, and are sometimes called upon to be witnesses for TTLA in public hearings. These volunteers are central to the success of TTLA’s legislative efforts. If interested in serving as a 5 Day Chair, please contact Carol Taylor

Bill Review Issue Teams

Members of the TTLA Bill Review Issue Teams are the backbone of our legislative efforts. TTLA members volunteer to read bills on specific issues, analyze the legislation for potential effects on the civil justice system, and report their comments and concerns back to TTLA’s legislative team. The bill reviewers volunteer to read bills on issues in areas of law in which they practice and about which they have special knowledge. The bills are categorized by subjects, such as civil procedure, insurance, liability, medical negligence, product liability, subrogation, and court and jury issues. Issue Team members receive e-mail notifications of the bills needing their attention and are asked to respond with comments as quickly as possible. The comments are then used to create TTLA’s bill analyses and background materials. Because Issue Team members can read the bills online, from their offices or homes, these volunteers provide a critical piece of our legislative efforts without having to commit to coming to Austin. 

For more information, contact the TTLA Public Affairs Staff.