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Your Voice in the Texas Capitol

While our members represent their clients at the courthouse, TTLA represents them at the Capitol. The right to trial by jury in civil matters is enshrined in the 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is also guaranteed by the Texas Bill of Rights which states that the “right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate.” TTLA holds the preservation and protection of this right as a sacred trust.

Powerful forces set on undermining the rights of Texas citizens and businesses have been pushing a dangerous agenda in the Texas Legislature for decades. Throughout that time TTLA has been the consistent voice representing the interests of families, property owners, and businesses who have a fundamental right to access our courts and seek accountability.

TTLA’s legislative program gives our members opportunities to be engaged directly with the legislative process.

Legislative Committee Testimony
TTLA members are experts on the law. Every session, TTLA members provide testimony before legislative committees on pending legislation that pertains to the civil justice system. They provide insights to lawmakers on how a bill could affect the rights of individuals and the practical application of a potential change in the law. You can see video of TTLA members providing legislative testimony here.

Legislative Academy
Before every legislative session, TTLA holds a day-long training for trial lawyers interested in becoming involved in the legislative process. Members learn about the key issues, as well as the skills necessary to be an effective advocate at the Capitol.

5-Day Chair Program
Throughout the legislative session, TTLA members join the TTLA legislative team in Austin for a week (or more) during the legislative session. This hands-on opportunity allows members to be in the trenches with TTLA’s legislative team, providing key input on legislation.

Legislative Issue Teams
As experts on the law, TTLA members review pending legislation as part of TTLA’s network of legislative issue teams and appear in-person to provide crucial testimony to legislative committees throughout the legislative session.

Legislative Advocacy Days
In the crucial early weeks of each legislative session, TTLA hosts Legislative Advocacy Days. We organize face-to-face meetings with lawmakers so that they can hear directly from our members about the crucial issues affecting the civil justice system.

Professional Advocates
TTLA has a professional team of advocates and lobbyists working full-time to protect the civil justice system and the 7th Amendment. TTLA’s team of professional advocates maintains an active presence at the State Capitol by:

  • Advocating for an open and balanced civil justice system.
  • Monitoring changes in statutes and regulations and alerting our members of any potential affects to members or their clients.
  • Communicating the importance of the civil courts to elected officials.

Our members stay informed throughout the legislative session through regular updates that include in-person briefings, weekly email recaps, online updates, and mobile text alerts.