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Playing in piles of vermiculite. "A medical expert testifying Tuesday in the W.R. Grace trial described his disbelief when, arriving in Libby [Montana] 10 years ago, he found that people who had never worked at Grace’s vermiculite mine were dying from asbestos-related disease.”
“To see an individual who had died of asbestos-related disease who was not a worker was unheard of,” said Dr. Aubrey Miller, a physician and investigator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “

“Grace had information about the asbestos, about the nature of the asbestos to become airborne, they had information about health effects on their workers and they had information about animal studies where the animals were being exposed to the same materials as the workers,” Miller said.”  
Excerpted from: Expert calls extent of Libby illnesses ‘unheard of’, Associated Press 3-10-09